A Multicultural Scotland

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to give a talk and reading at Strathkelvin Writers, a group that meets in Bishopbriggs on the edge of Glasgow. It was a lovely evening.

Then after my wee appearance on Melvyn Bragg's Travels in Written Britain, Leela Soma, one of the writers who had been there that night, emailed me. She thought I might like to read her own poem about her Scots/Indian identity.

I liked the poem so much I asked for Leela's permission to put it on this blog. So here it is...

This is my ain land

Thirty years an' mair I breathed the grey-tinged air

Missed ma ma an' da, sisters an' brithers tae

Worked hard, paid taxes an made ma hame here

Embraced the lingo, flitted an bought thay messages.

Naw, no a peely wally, glaikit, glum nor gallus me

I hail fae yon faraway India, spicy rich, colourful tae

This’s where I’ve lived longer noo, hame is Glesca 

Ma heart an' soul mixed and proud, I’m me

No Indian in India nor Scot in Scotland, a new wain
Fae an Indian womb, nurtured rich in tartan air

Am I noo wan ae Jock Tamson’s bairns?

copyright Leela Soma 2008


Rachel Fox said…
It is good! I've been here 6 years and am just finding 'messages' creeping in and 'bit of shopping to do' creeping out. Saves me quite a bit of breath!

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