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This first appeared in The Poets'Republic 7 (Spring 2019). It is a very considerable expansion of my previous blogpost A Leg Up For Male Poets.

‘I told [Leonard], in confidence and as gently as I could possibly do it, that if Virginia had ever been invited to an Edinburgh literary salon – not that it was likely – they’d have set her to butter the bannocks while the Real Poets got on with the chat.’ From a dream sequence in “Scotland the Brave – and me” by Joan Ure.   First published in Scottish International Review 1968
In 1983 the Third Eye Centre along with Glasgow Libraries published Noise and Smoky Breath, An Illustrated Anthology of Glasgow, Poems 1900 – 1983. It features forty three male poets, and four women. Now why should this matter, you might ask. Can a good male poet not write for both sexes? Certainly, one wit quipped in the late 1950s that “a woman poet is a contradiction in terms”, and William Wordsworth himself wrote, “What is a poet? He is a man sp…

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