Friday, February 27, 2009

They shoot poets, don't they? Part two.

As I explained in a previous blog entry, The Herald - who over the years have liked to portray themselves as champions of poetry with their tiny daily poem squeezed in beside the obituaries - were happy to indulge in lax journalism on the appointment of a Makar for Stirling.

Not content with one article spreading malicious misinformation, The Herald has followed up with another piece by Cate Devine stating that the appointment of a Makar is controversial locally as the poet is being paid to promote poetry throughout the area.

Makes you wonder how much work a Herald journalist would do for £500 per year. Who knows, they might even go to the bother of checking their facts.

But more mysterious to me - why all the negative spin from The Herald on the appointment of a Makar? Are they running an anti-poetry agenda?


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