Thursday, April 24, 2008

Something lighter...

As I do a fair number of readings, I like to have some lighter pieces to perform. This is one such.
Is it a poem? Well, in its own little way, yes. Does it have seven symbolic levels of meaning?
If you know what they are, could you enlighten the rest of us?

Pacifist Mothers

We, who would not let
our sons go off to war,
kept them home instead,
taught them useful things,
like what
a toilet brush
is for…

I kinda wish I didn't have a hang-up about graffiti. I'd love to scrawl this on the doors of ladies' loos up and down the land. And, come to think of it, on gents' loos too. My own wee piece of anti-war propaganda.

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Anonymous said...

Wee. Nice pun. Oh, and I spotted 17 different symbolic levels. Hold on. 21. And counting. I can only assume your husband wrote it and let you type it, dear. Sorry. Doesn't count.

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